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Black Stallion Studios

Books 1-3

One Shot

One pitch ended Alex Payne’s Major League Baseball debut.

Coming out as gay…

Could end his career.


Alex is dropped from the team after a prolonged post-surgical rehab stint. Short on cash and determined to make a comeback, Alex will stop at nothing to get enough money to continue his therapy and training.


Including jumping headfirst into the world of gay p*rn.


The only catch?To work with Black Stallion Studios, you have to be straight.


No problem. Until Alex is paired with Elijah Maddox, and Alex discovers he’s not so straight after all.


Unfortunately, Elijah refuses to live in the closet.But when news breaks about Alex’s association with Black Stallion, Alex’s secret is exposed.


Will Alex strike out and lose it all?Or can he find a way to have his career and his love?


Key Grip

For Grant Hardy, the closet is a lonely place.


And Black Stallions Studios’ straight-acting stud wants out of gay p*rn.


But when family drama jeopardizes his grandmother’s security, Grant’s forced to keep working to bail her out.


Can he f*ck his way into solvency?


Sebastian Stavros wants to prove himself to his uncle, the owner of Black Stallion Studios. To be taken seriously, he must keep his pants on and his hands off the talent.


Easier said than done.


Grant and Sebastian’s secret attraction can no longer be denied, everything he’s worked so hard for is at stake.


Will the truth set him free to love the man he wants?Or will his family suffer the consequences?

Best Boy



Niko took Vin in when Vin’s family kicked him out.

He gave an aimless street kid direction, a career, a life.

But Vin Andino is now a grown man, and he wants more. What he wants is Niko.

Black Stallion Studios’ owner Niko Stavros has a thing for younger men, but with wealth and power comes responsibility, and there are rules even he won’t break:
     1.No f*cking the employees.
     2.No f*cking Vin—That would be wrong… Right?

After a bachelor auction, Niko sees Vin in a new light, and while the whole studio crew is out of the country on location, Niko tiptoes up to the forbidden line.

But Vin has a secret, and his past threatens to blow up his life, and Niko’s.

Can love bring them together and allow them to let go of the past?

Or will the revelation tear them apart?

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