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The Lazy S Ranch is getting a whole new look!
Some books have already been updated. The others will be as well as soon as my rights are reverted back to me. Stay tuned!
Cowgirl Unexpectedly by Vicki Tharp 4.jp

Cowgirl, Unexpectedly Book 1

Cowboy Undercover by Vicki Tharp 2.jpg
MustLoveHorses (1).jpg

Must Love Horses

Book 2

Cowboy Unbridled by Vicki Tharp 2.jpg

Hot on the Trail

Book 3

Cowgirl Unbroken by Vicki Tharp 6.jpg

Cowboy, Undercover

Book 4

Cowboy, Unbridled

Book 5

Cowgirl, Unbroken

Book 6

comng soon.jpg

Lazy S Ranch

Books 1-3

Coming Soon
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Lazy S Ranch

Books 4-6