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Cowboy, Unbridled

Book 5

What do Taylor Foxx’s gas tank and her bank account have in common?

They’re both sucking fumes.

Taylor needs an assistant, like yesterday. Except she can’t pay an assistant without money. And without an assistant, she can’t be the veterinarian for the wild mustang program. Could Zealand be the answer to her predicament?

Ex-Army medic, Zealand Cross, wants to be a paramedic…

Only he can’t stand the sight of blood.

Joining the Healing Horses therapy program is his last chance to gain control of his flashbacks and move on with his life. Until he gets kicked out of the program.

Now they’re both in a bind and need to lean on each other. Despite them both being hell on relationships, their attraction is electric. But when they’re tossed into the battle between the wild mustangs and angry ranchers, someone is going to lose.

It just may be them.


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