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One Shot

Book 1

One pitch ended Alex Payne’s Major League Baseball debut.

Coming out as gay…

Could end his career.

Alex is dropped from the team after a prolonged post-surgical rehab stint. Short on cash and determined to make a comeback, Alex will stop at nothing to get enough money to continue his therapy and training.
Including jumping headfirst into the world of gay p*rn.

The only catch?
To work with Black Stallion Studios, you have to be straight.

No problem. Until Alex is paired with Elijah Maddox, and Alex discovers he’s not so straight after all, unfortunately, Elijah refuses to live in the closet.

But when news breaks about Alex’s association with Black Stallion, Alex’s secret is exposed.

Will Alex strike out and lose it all?

Or can he find a way to have his career and his love?

One Shot by Vicki Tharp with added text.
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