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Photo Chute

Book 2

Danger is one bad decision away.

Barrel racer Cora Hayes lives life without apology. After missing the top spot at the end of the season, she’s doubled down on her career.

And her fun.

City boy Ian Murphy barely knows dirt from dung, but to win a coveted photojournalism slot, he must infiltrate the close-knit cowboy community.

Thankfully, Cora has offered to show him the ropes. But Ian doesn’t have time for a relationship. Besides, he doesn’t start things he can’t finish. If he gets the assignment, he’s gone.

When a quick snap of the shutter inadvertently puts Cora’s life at risk, Ian’s torn between doing his job and protecting Cora.

Will the clock run out on their budding love?

Or will saving Cora’s life be a race to the finish line?


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