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Sweet Justice

Book 3

Some rules are made to be broken.

pecial Agent Oscar Finn lives life by the rules. A relationship with one of his agents is strictly off-limits…

…Only Maria Soto doesn’t work for him anymore.

Finn’s mission in life is catching his sister’s killer, and after receiving information that could blow the decades-long investigation wide open, Finn might get what he’s always wanted.


However, his boss insists he brings someone to investigate the tip… and Maria is the only person available.

From day one, Maria has had to fight for love. And Oscar Finn is no exception. His sister comes first—always.

Despite Maria’s determination to stay away from the man who’ll never love her the way she loves him, he needs help, and she can’t refuse.

When Finn admits he’s interested in Maria, she knows there are more important things than falling in love—they have to find a killer.

Can Finn and Maria mix business with pleasure? Or will proving Maria is Finn’s top priority allow a killer to go free?

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