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Worth Dying For

Book 2

If fate came calling, would you answer?


Treasure hunting may be in Dru’s blood, but that doesn’t mean she has to follow in her father’s foolish footsteps…

Then Matt comes along.

He owes her money. A lot of money. And after a calamity befalls her boatyard, she won’t let him out of her sight until she’s repaid.

Which might not happen unless Matt finds the fabled wreck of the Annabel.

Except, searching for treasure proves hazardous to their health, and their growing attraction may be no match for the brewing danger.

As other hunters threaten their site, they learn that the mysterious sinking of the Annabel is not the only trouble haunting Matt. And they will have to become a real team to stay afloat.

But can such a new relationship weather the storm? Or will the deadly threats and conspiracy tear them apart?

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